Ablageflächen im Badezimmer: Welche Duschkörbe & Ablagen für Sie geeignet sind

Especially in the bathroom, it's nice to have enough space for useful and beautiful things. Especially in the shower, because of the frequently used shampoos, shower gels and lotions, there is a need to display the individual products in a practical, easily accessible and visually appealing way. In this guide we will introduce you to different types of shower baskets or shelves and give you helpful tips for making the right selection.

Table of contents:

  • What should you pay attention to when choosing a shower basket or shower shelf?

  • What shower baskets and shower shelves are there?

  • What size should my shower basket or shower caddy be?

  • Where should the shower basket be placed in the shower?

  • How should my shower basket or shower caddy be cared for?

  • We will be happy to advise you so that you can find your perfect shower shelf

When choosing a shower basket or shower shelf, you should pay attention to the following details: 

Material & surface: Shower baskets and shelves are available in a wide variety of materials and surfaces. Depending on your taste and the bathroom accessories you already have in your bathroom, you can choose from materials such as: B. Choose brass, stainless steel or even solid surface materials with the appropriate surfaces made of chrome, gold, copper and also colored coatings such as black and white. The particularly hard-wearing PVD surfaces are also finding more and more fans.

Style: The shower baskets and shelves are available in different styles, from classic and modern to minimalist and playful, there are no wishes that remain unfulfilled. Take a look around your bathroom and decide based on your personal taste and the existing bathroom equipment.

Different types of attachment: The most commonly used type of attachment is fixed wall mounting, in which the holder of the basket or shelf is screwed to the wall. The advantage of this is a firm and solid connection to the wall, even under higher loads. A no less popular way is to hang the hanging shower basket over the top. It usually finds its place above the fixed shower partition or a fitting. The positive aspect is clearly that there is no drilling and it can be removed quickly. Shower containers that can be set up freely do not require any drilling and can be easily repositioned at any time. We can only recommend shower shelves that are glued or attached with suction cups to a very limited extent, as there is always the risk of them coming off and causing damage.

What shower baskets and shower shelves are there? 

Shower basket: The classic shower basket has the classic basket shape and is mounted firmly on the wall. Available in different sizes depending on your wishes and needs. There are also variants for the corner. 

High-quality corner shower basket from Decor Walther in chrome

Hanging basket: The hanging basket is usually hung over the fixed part of the shower cubicle, has the shape of a basket and offers plenty of support for your bottles. Additional space is generated by the two-story solutions that are sometimes available. Another type of hanging basket is the basket for the shower faucet. It is simply hung over the part of the wall fitting and holds the various shower utensils.

Luxury shower basket for hanging in the shower partition in black from Decor Walther

Shower shelf: The shower shelf often consists of a smooth surface with drainage slots or holes. Some equipment variants offer a rail or an edge to hold the shampoo bottles securely on the shower shelf. Attached in most cases by wall mounting. Various sizes and lengths are possible. It is suitable for most shower applications as a practical storage option.

High-quality shower shelf from Decor Walther in matt black

Shower container: The container can be set up anywhere, for example, where there is a window, a bench or even a floor-level shower. Simply put shower gel and shampoo in there and the whole area looks tidy and sorted. The shower containers are also often used as utensil containers for placing on the wall, on the toilet or on the washbasin. Many of these models are also available as wall models for permanent mounting.

High-quality Corian shower basket or shower container from the Stone series by Decor Walther

Tip: Do you also use a shower squeegee? Look for shower baskets or shelves that have an integrated wiper or the ability to hold one or have a hanging device.

Unidrain Reframe shower shelf with shower squeegee in brushed stainless steel

Here you will find all shower shelves and shower baskets in our shop.

What size should my shower basket or shower caddy be?

The size of the shower basket or shower shelf should depend on personal needs and the number of bathroom users. 20 cm shelves/baskets are sufficient for 2-3 types of shampoo. For 4 - 5 people we recommend a size of approx. 30 - 40 cm. If you need more space, you should use larger versions or perhaps even several shower baskets in order to be able to hold all the care products and utensils you need. It should be noted that overfilled baskets tend to appear untidy, while neatly placed shampoo bottles can contribute to the positive overall impression of the shower system. 

Two shower shelves one above the other from Unidrain for more space

Where should the shower basket be placed in the shower?

This point particularly concerns the permanently attached shower baskets and shelves. Since all the others offer little opportunity to change this due to their design. A height that is easy to reach begins at approximately chest height and should not end much above head height in order to always ensure good and easy accessibility. If there is enough space in the shower, you should consider mounting the shower baskets as far away from the spray area as possible to prevent the shower from constantly getting wet. However, this can only be achieved in very few showers. A non-optimal height would be the elbow area, as this is where people need the most space due to movement when showering. Don't forget when positioning children, who may have to reach the shower utensils on their own. 

How should my shower basket or shower caddy be cared for?

You should clean your shower basket or shower shelf regularly with common bathroom cleaning products. We generally advise against using agents that are too aggressive, not only for environmental reasons, but also to protect the installed bathroom equipment. Depending on the material of the shower basket or shelf, you should follow the manufacturer's care instructions, which are included with most packaging. Then you can be sure that you will enjoy your new shower baskets and shelves for a long time.

Shower baskets and shower shelves offer practical and visually appealing storage options in the bathroom to conveniently store shampoo, shower gel, etc. When choosing, a few factors should still be taken into account in order to find the right choice for your own bathroom. In our shop you will find a large selection of high-quality shower baskets and shower shelves.

Which shower tray is best for me?

Given the variety of options and criteria for choosing shower baskets and shower trays, some people may ask themselves: Which shower basket is best for my bathroom? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the perfect choice depends on individual needs, available space and personal style.

To find the best shower basket for you, you should consider which products you use every day, how much space they require and how your bathroom is designed. A quality shower basket should not only be functional and large enough to hold all your shower essentials, but it should also match the aesthetics of your bathroom and be easy to clean.

Ultimately, the best shower tray is the one that meets your specific requirements and contributes to your bathroom decor while keeping your shower tidy and organized.

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