Wie finde ich den perfekten Bad- & Kosmetikeimer für mein Bad?

Bathroom and cosmetic bins are indispensable furnishings in every bathroom and guest toilet. They ensure order and cleanliness in the room and contribute to the overall inviting appearance.

Most of the time they are not taken into account or are only taken into account insufficiently when planning the space. As soon as you open the packaging, the question arises as to what to do with it.

In this guide we will introduce you to different types of bathroom and cosmetic bins and give you helpful tips for choosing the perfect model.

Table of contents

  • Why a high-quality cosmetic bin is essential
  • The most important criteria when choosing your perfect bathroom bucket (material, color, size, cleaning)
  • Find the ideal bath bucket for your bathroom
  • The different types of bathroom and cosmetic bins
  • Which is the best bath bucket for me?

Why a high-quality bathroom and cosmetic bin is important

Since the bath bucket is used every day, it is worth paying attention to quality and functionality. High-quality materials and well-thought-out features ensure:

  • Longevity and resilience
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Aesthetics and harmony with the bathroom interior

What you should pay attention to when choosing

Material & quality

Since the bath bucket is used very regularly or even daily, it makes sense to attach great importance to high-quality materials, good quality and appropriate functionality when selecting the model. The right choice determines a long service life and long-lasting enjoyment of the product.

When choosing the material for your bathroom or cosmetic bin, you have various options available, each with their own advantages:

  • Stainless steel & brass: Robust, easy to clean and durable. Suits many bathroom styles.
Waste paper basket DW1130 made of stainless steel
  • Corian: High-quality matt white solid surface material that fits seamlessly into modern bathrooms.
Corian wastepaper basket
  • Rattan: Natural, lightweight material that creates a cozy atmosphere.
  • Plastic: Cheap, light and available in many colors. Ideal for smaller budgets.
High quality plastic bucket from Zone

Size & Capacity

The size of the bathroom bin should match the expected amount of waste and the space available:

  • Small cosmetic bins (approx. 3 liters): for little waste, such as paper rolls or toothpaste tubes
  • Medium-sized bath buckets (up to 6 liters): for most households, with sufficient reserves
  • Large bathroom buckets (up to 10 liters): for more space and less frequent emptying
Overview of all pedal bins from Frost Denmark

Also consider the positioning in the room - the bathroom bucket should fit harmoniously into the overall picture without appearing too dominant.

Also make sure that the size of the bath bucket makes it easy to fill. Ideally, it should be placed so that you don't have to pull it out to fill something. This makes daily use easier and contributes to the cleanliness of the bathroom.

For very small items, such as cotton pads, there are also mini table cosmetic waste containers with a capacity of around 0.5 liters. These can serve as a practical addition to the existing bathroom bin and help organize your bathroom area even better.

Elegant table cosmetic bin from Decor Walther

Easy emptying and cleaning

You should also pay attention to easy emptying of the bathroom and cosmetic bin.

The question arises as to whether I need plastic garbage bags for emptying the bathroom bucket, does it have a removable inner container or do I need a bathroom bucket without additional equipment for my bathroom that I simply empty occasionally as needed.

Easy cleaning should be a basic requirement for such a bath bucket. In most cases, this property is already taken into account by well-known manufacturers.

Surfaces & Colors

In addition to the material, the surface or color of the bathroom bucket also influences the look of your bathroom. In our range you will find a wide range of designs:

  • Metallic finishes: Bronze, chrome, stainless steel (brushed, matt or polished), gold (brushed, shiny or matt), copper (brushed or shiny)
  • Solid Color Finishes: Gray, Black (matte, brushed or glossy), White (matte or glossy), White (leather)
  • Natural look: rattan (dark or light)
  • Corian: High-quality solid surface material in a modern, minimalist design

Choose the finish or color to suit your bathroom style and personal preferences. Also keep in mind that dark colors tend to appear smaller, while light colors visually enlarge the room.

Unidrain Reframe pedal bin in 5 colors

The different types of bathroom and cosmetic bins

Pedal bucket

A common and very popular variant of bathroom and cosmetic bins are the so-called pedal bins. These offer several advantages:

  • Hygienic operation: Thanks to the integrated pedal, the buckets can be opened easily and hygienically with just one step.
  • Concealed contents: The lid prevents the contents of the bucket from being visible, ensuring an always elegant appearance.
  • Soft close function: High-quality pedal bins often have a “soft close” function that allows the lid to close slowly and almost silently on its own. This is particularly advantageous at night, as otherwise massive pedal bin lids can sometimes close very loudly.

When placing the pedal bin in the bathroom, make sure that the lid can be opened wide enough without hitting other bathroom equipment. This ensures unhindered use.

A small disadvantage of pedal buckets is that as a host you always have to operate the pedal to make sure the bath bucket is full.

Decor Walther black trash can in action

Open bath buckets

Open bath buckets particularly score points with regard to their quick and easy use. No vulnerable mechanical components installed, easy overview of the filling quantity and they also generally ensure quick and easy cleaning of the entire bath bucket. The filling level is visible at all times.

Open bathroom bucket from Decor Walther

Swing lid bath bucket

Cosmetic bins with swing lids impress with their timeless and straightforward design. They offer the following advantages:

  • Easy to fill: Filling is done by pushing the swing lid aside. The bucket then closes itself by swinging the lid back.
  • Easy to empty: The lid can usually be removed for emptying so that the contents can be easily dumped.

One aspect to consider with swing lid bathroom buckets is the size of the opening. Thanks to the centrally mounted swing lid, this is smaller than with open bath buckets or pedal buckets. This can limit the size of packaging and other waste that can be disposed of. In this case, it is advisable to choose one size larger in order to have enough space for the bathroom waste.

Solid surface bath bucket made of high-quality Corian from Decor Walther

The advantages of a bathroom and cosmetic bin

The integration of a bathroom and cosmetic bin in your own bathroom or guest toilet is both necessary and practical these days due to the high volume of packaging in which hygienic and cosmetic bathroom utensils are packaged. A bath bucket offers the following advantages:

  • Adaptable to your needs: Thanks to the large selection in terms of capacity, design and different types of operation, the bathroom and cosmetic bin can be optimally adapted to your own needs and to the size of the bathroom.
  • Longevity and aesthetics: In the area of ​​bathroom hygiene, high-quality materials are characterized by the fact that the bathroom and cosmetic bin has a long service life, fits perfectly into the interior and is a lot of fun.

All bathroom & cosmetic bins here

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