Badzubehör Ratgeber: Welche Accessoires sind unverzichtbar?

Have you ever browsed the seemingly endless online world of bathroom accessories and were unsure which items actually belong to the basic equipment?

With so many decorating options for your bathroom, how do you know which one suits you best?

In this post we will introduce the most important bathroom accessories that every bathroom needs and what you need to consider when purchasing them.

Table of contents:

  • Quality counts: Why invest in high-quality bathroom accessories?
  • Must-have bathroom accessories for every bathroom
  • More than the essentials: additional accessories for your bathroom
  • Wall-mounted or freestanding? Versatile bathroom accessories for every need
  • Choice of material for bathroom accessories: Which color suits my bathroom?
  • Which designer bathroom accessories brands are there?
  • We help you find the perfect bathroom accessories

    Quality counts: Why you should invest in high-quality bathroom accessories

    The quality of your bathroom accessories plays a crucial role. They are more than just decorative elements; They are an integral part of your bathroom and contribute significantly to its functionality and appearance. For daily use, they need to be both durable and attractive.

    A common mistake is assuming that cheap products are a better option. In reality, these often lead to a cycle of constant repurchases. Not only do cheap products last for a shorter time, but they also contribute to growing environmental problems by producing more waste and using more resources.

    Good quality, on the other hand, means longevity. High-quality bathroom accessories, like those in our online shop, are designed and manufactured to last for years without losing functionality or appearance. Made from premium materials such as stainless steel, brass or even gold, they are designed to withstand the high moisture levels and daily use found in a bathroom.

    Must-have bathroom accessories for every bathroom

    Designing a luxurious bathroom is about more than just tiles and plumbing.

    A carefully selected selection of bathroom accessories can enhance your bathroom both functionally and aesthetically.

    Here is an overview of bathroom accessories that are part of the basic equipment of a bathroom. No matter whether large or small, modern or classic, these accessories give your bathroom a very special touch.

    Soap dispenser: An elegantly designed soap dispenser is more than just a hygienic element; It acts as a stylish highlight on your vanity and enriches the overall look of your bathroom.

    Toilet paper holder: A functional and aesthetically pleasing toilet paper holder is essential in every bathroom.

    Toilet Brush: An aesthetically pleasing, high-quality toilet brush combines design and function and contributes to an elegant, clean appearance of your bathroom.

    Bathroom Bin: An elegant cosmetic bin helps keep your bathroom clean and tidy.

    Towel racks and towel hooks: These accessories are crucial for organizing your bathroom and ensuring your towels are always within reach.

    Toothbrush cup: A toothbrush cup keeps your toothbrush and toothpaste in one place and keeps your vanity tidy.

    Utensil Container: This container is useful for keeping smaller items such as cotton swabs, hair ties, or razor blades close at hand.

    Bath Rug: A high quality bath rug will add coziness to your bathroom while ensuring safety and comfort by preventing slipping on wet tiles.

    More than the essentials: additional accessories for your bathroom

    Laundry basket: A designer laundry basket is not only practical for storing laundry and towels hidden, which creates order and cleanliness in the bathroom. But also a fashionable accessory for your bathroom that contributes to the aesthetics of the room.

    Cosmetic Mirror: A good cosmetic mirror is an essential addition to your bathroom. It allows you to carry out your daily care routines - whether shaving or applying make-up - more precisely and comfortably. Aside from its practical function, a well-chosen cosmetic mirror can also become a visual highlight in your bathroom and contribute to the overall look of the room.

    Facial Tissue Box: A facial tissue box keeps your facial tissues organized and within easy reach while also providing a stylish item on your bathroom counter.

    Wall-mounted or freestanding? Versatile bathroom accessories for every need

    Depending on how much space your bathroom has, or what you want, there are basically wall-mounted or free-standing bathroom accessories or even bathroom accessory combinations.

    For example, you can choose between:

    -  Wall soap dispenser

    -  Standing soap dispenser

    -  Wall-mounted toilet brushes

    -  Freestanding toilet brushes

    -  Wall towel rack

    -  Standing towel holder

    In addition, there are even combinations of toilet brushes and toilet paper holders, so-called “toilet brush combinations”, which enable efficient use of space and at the same time underline the overall aesthetic appearance of your bathroom.

    Choice of material for bathroom accessories: Which color suits my bathroom?

    Deciding on the right material and the right surface for your bathroom accessories is crucial for the uniform design of your bathroom. Your choices should always be tailored to the existing furnishings and design of your bathroom:

    Chrome: A classic bathroom material known for its durability and easy-to-clean finish, chrome blends seamlessly into a variety of designs, especially when chrome-colored fixtures are already present.

    Gold , copper and brass : These materials give your bathroom a warm and luxurious touch. They are particularly suitable if you already have fittings in similar tones or want to add a glamorous touch.

    Stainless steel: Thanks to its robustness and resistance to rust, stainless steel fits perfectly into bathrooms with modern fittings and design elements.

    Black and White : These colors are timeless and versatile, they can easily coordinate with other colors and materials in your bathroom.

    Rattan: If you have a natural or rustic aesthetic in your bathroom, rattan can enhance this with its organic texture and color.

    Corian: This durable and hygienic material is ideal for modern bathrooms and can be combined well with a variety of fittings and surfaces.

    Reclaimed wood: Reclaimed wood can fit a rustic or country bathroom design while being sustainable.

    Glass: Glass accessories can bring a sleek and modern look to your bathroom, especially if you already have glass elements.

    Ultimately, choosing the material and finish of your bathroom accessories should be based on your bathroom's existing design and your personal preferences. A thoughtful selection can help create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in your bathroom.

    Which designer bathroom accessories brands are there?

    With us you will find a wide selection of renowned manufacturers. Our product range includes exquisite accessories from brands such as Vola , Decor Walther , Frost Denmark , Windisch ,Fantini , Rhomtuft , Waterevolution , Wunder and Zone Denmark and handmade products from us dasfeinebad .

    These brands stand for quality, outstanding design and proven manufacturing expertise. Whether you prefer a contemporary, minimalist style or a luxurious, opulent feel, our selection of brands covers a wide range of tastes and needs.

    With accessories from these brands, you can be confident that you are equipping your bathroom with long-lasting, attractive and high-quality products. And should something happen, there are suitable replacement parts for these products, so you only have to replace the defective part.

    Conclusion: bathroom accessories that every bathroom needs

    When designing your bathroom, accessories are the icing on the cake that underlines your individual design and at the same time brings great benefits.

    The selection of brands, materials and designs is extensive and offers the right product for every style and every requirement. It is important to pay attention not only to aesthetics, but also to quality and sustainability.

    We help you find the perfect bathroom accessories

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