natural stone / tiles

The classic coverings in the bathroom - timeless and robust

The expression of your bathroom. Selected natural stones have been used in bathrooms for centuries. It doesn't matter whether you prefer your bathroom to have a classic design or a more purist, completely modern design, a high-quality appearance and the best material properties are always your advantage.

This applies to natural stones, which have taken millions of years to find their way into the bathroom, or to international tiles, which take on any design thanks to the most modern firing processes.

Use the variety of natural stone and tiles

Would you like your bathroom to appear in light or muted tones?

The variety of colors and surfaces fulfills every wish to put your bathroom in the desired light. Lighting conditions, size and shape of the room must be taken into account when making the selection. With our experienced consulting team, we will be happy to assist you. Discuss your wishes and needs with us in order to find the very personally tailored appearance of your bathroom.


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